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"I really mean that, be willingly good, extra good, extra peaceful and extra forgiving". . . .

A place to have light hearted fun with other Well Wishers as we appreciate the incomparable actor & gentleman, Richard Armitage.


Armitage Appreciation Week || 2 days until Richard’s Birthday

favorite role Lucas North

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~ regarding The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies ~
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Fake Middle Earth tweets.

Can you share some funny real or fake tweets related to The Hobbit Fan Event?

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I don’t know what came over me [x]

LOL, obviously the same as over me


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Richard Armitage Birthday Countdown
Day 5
A Habit Of His That You Love
I love it when he raises his eyebrows and his forehead goes all crinkly! It’s adorable and makes him look like a bit of a dork, which I love… A lot!


Countdown to Richard’s Birthday, day 5

A favorite habit of his that you love-

I don’t have a favorite but every habit or think he does that make him a cute and lovely is what makes him so adorable! (also for lack of gifs)


Sarah Dunn, who gave us this photo of Richard, is shooting him again tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the results!


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Look back

for Eleanor

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I’m off to the wilds of Canada’s east coast for two weeks and shall be stepping back in time to an old 19th century farmhouse with nothing even remotely similar to internet access.  There are a few handsome things in the queue and I might find wifi at the library over in the village to check messages every few days or so but otherwise, I will basking in the sunshine on Canada’s ocean playground.

See you in September :-D

gifs from ra-overload  Nova Scotia pics are mine :-)

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Oh my goodness - thank you Sarah Kate!

*nods* Nobody can resist the pelvis tilt anyway.

who was I trying to kid?  like I’d try to resist?   pfffft.  Cupid - loose your arrow or not - I’m yours.

It’s meant to be because he’s tingly too!



Lucas North / John Bateman - Richard Armitage [Spooks]

mmmmf just what I needed.

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